3 in 1 VENTILATOR Autotrockner Mit Akku + Batterie Komplet Set

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  • 【Efficient Brushless Motor】The turbo fan features a high-speed, brushless DC motor with 3 adjustable speed settings: 1st gear (40000RPM), 2nd gear (80000RPM), and 3rd gear (130000RPM) to accommodate diverse needs and task requirements.
  • 【Long Lasting Power Supply】With a built-in, dual polymer batteries, each with a 3000mAh capacity, the turbo fan can work for up to 4 hours on the 1st gear. It’s equipped with a Type C interface and supports 13W fast charging, ensuring quick recharge and prolonged operation.
  • 【Simple Operation】Our electric air blower boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it user-friendly and portable. A simple press of a switch commences efficient air flow, while releasing the button instantly ceases operation.
  • 【Good Protection】Capable of supporting a maximum wind speed of 52 meters per second, the turbo fan ensures long-lasting and stable operation. Additional features include charging and overheating protection, ensuring safe and reliable use.
  • 【Versatile Applications】Designed as a cordless fan, our handheld turbo fan doesn’t require an external power supply and has a myriad of uses. Whether it's clearing dust from computer keyboards, accelerating charcoal burning or blowing away snow on your car, this portable fan got you covered.

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Ventiltator + Akku +Batterie: 21v